Drohnenaufnahme Station Rotenboden

The exceptional year of 1917

Story 17

Amanda is one of 5,651 passengers who travelled on the Gornergrat Railway 106 years ago. Back then, in 1917, the tourism industry throughout Switzerland was suffering as a result of the First World War. The economic consequences for the Gornergrat Railway were so severe that the workers were only able to maintain railway operations for 89 days. As a result, the railway company had to report a loss of over CHF 25,000 in 1917. An exceptional year.  

New opening despite loss 

Nevertheless, after several requests from the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), the Gornergrat Railway opened the optional Rotenboden stop. This facilitated excursions to the Gorner and Theodul Glacier for Amanda, for members of the SAC and for hikers. The building for the station was not erected until 1952.

Today, for many travellers such as Amanda, the railway station is the coveted starting point to many adventures. In winter, the toboggan run to Riffelberg starts here and the igloo village is within walking distance. In summer, a short walk leads down to the unique Riffelsee. The hikes to the Riffelhorn and the Monte Rosa hut also start from here. On hot days you will often find woolly black-nosed sheep in the underpass at Rotenboden. The main characters of Meet-the-Sheep find a shady spot there.

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