Sledding fun on the Gornergrat

Sledding on the highest sled run of the Alps

Not only is the sled run from Rotenboden to Riffelberg on the Gornergrat the highest in the Alps but also one of the most beautiful: it is located in a wonderful mountain setting.

The sledding slope is open until 21 April, daily from 11.00 to 16.40.
The tobogganing season is over. We are looking forward to winter 2024/25. The season usually starts at the end of December.

View of the Matterhorn guaranteed

From 2,815 metres to 2,582 metres above sea level.

The sled run starts at Rotenboden station and goes down to Riffelberg. The high-speed descent through a snow-covered landscape is pure action! When you have the Sledding daypass you can travel from Zermatt up to Rotenboden and then make as many sled runs between Rotenboden and Riffelberg, going up again by train, as you like. You move the whole day in an alpine landscape, surrounded by 29 four-thousand-meter peaks including the Matterhorn. If you want to go all the way up to the Gornergrat, our SnowFunPass is the right thing for you.

Adapt your speed and way of sledging to your ability. Also to the ground and snow conditions as well as the weather and the number of other sledgers on the run.

Sledding like you’ve never done before – with a Snooc

The latest trend is swooping down the highest sled run in the Alps on a Snooc, which is a seat fixed onto a short ski. You can steer it with your weight or your legs and it’s great fun for young and old. Whether the slope is steep or flat, piste or powder snow, sunny or foggy the Snooc offers an unrivalled experience for getting down a mountain. Rent your Snooc directly at the Rotenboden station.

Snooc, the new toboggan for fun on the highest toboggan run in the Alps above Zermatt

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