Gornergrat railway at the Rotenboden station with lake Riffelsee in the background

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The Gornergrat Railway is part of the BVZ Group, which includes 10 subsidiaries, including the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway and the Glacier Express.

On August 20, 1898, the Gornergrat Railway made history as the first electric cogwheel railway in Switzerland, reaching the Gornergrat at an elevation of 3,089 meters for the very first time. The Gornergrat offers a unique panoramic view of the Matterhorn and stands as a true natural wonder. The route, stretching from the base station in Zermatt at 1,604 m.a.s.l. to the summit at 3,089 m.a.s.l., traverses a variety of vegetation zones.

Initially, the cogwheel railway winds its way through the picturesque Swiss stone pine forests of Riffelalp, just below the tree line. It then passes through alpine pastures at Riffelberg, where the characteristic black-nosed sheep graze during the summer months. As the altitude increases, alpine flowers become scarcer, and the terrain becomes rockier. Upon reaching the Gornergrat, you'll find yourself surrounded by a world of glaciers and peaks that soar to over 4,000 meters in height.

Polaris auf dem Weg vom Gornergrat nach Zermatt im Winter
Polaris auf dem Weg vom Gornergrat nach Zermatt im Sommer

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