Meet the Sheep

End of June until middle of September 2023

Who hasn’t seen them before, the famous, blacknose sheep from Zermatt? Their spiralled horns, black faces and ears and white woolly coat - which is special in itself.

From the end of June until middle of September 2023 around 120 Wallis blacknose sheep will be grazing on the Gornergrat.

Once the sheep have moved up to the Gornergrat area visitors have the chance to visit them in their natural habitat, exactly where they are grazing on the day you visit. The most flexible way to see them on the Gornergrat is to buy a return ticket from Zermatt to the Gornergrat. Leave the train and hike to the sheep. Afterwards you can continue the trip by train.

Important note: Feeding the sheep is prohibited.

Find the black-nose sheep with a GPS signal

To make sure you get to see the sheep when they're on the Gornergrat this summer, we've made it easy for you. The sheep will wear collars equipped with GPS. This gives every visitor the opportunity to locate the blacknose sheep. Once you have found their signal, all you have to do is follow the map to see the blacknose sheep up close.

Meet the Sheep - the map
Find and meet the blacknose sheep on the Gornergrat
To the map

The ‘Meet the sheep’ themed Trail

Discover fascinating information about the blacknose sheep on the Meet the Sheep themed trail between the Gornergrat and the Riffelberg railway stations at 11 sites. Why exactly do the people of Valais/Wallis keep the blacknose sheep? What happens to their soft, woolly fleeces? You can find out all about these things when you walk from cairn to cairn. When you use the QR codes on side you’ll find videos, facts and figures all about these typical, local sheep. What’s more, you’ll find interesting information about grazing on the alps, and also the flowers and animals that thrive on the Gornergrat as well as on the Gorner glacier.

Deborah - our passionate shepherdess

From June to September, Deborah accompanies and cares for the flock of blacknose sheep on the Gornergrat and never leaves their side. She protects, guides and accompanies the flock through the wild mountain landscape with her whole heart and soul. She likes to tell hikers and visitors about everyday life on the alp and answers guests' questions in 5 languages. When she finds time during the demanding everyday life of the shepherdess, the talented artist captures the life in the wild nature in her sketchbook. If you want to learn more about Deborah, visit her website and immerse yourself in a world of inspiration.

Meet the Sheep hotel package

As part of the blacknose sheep all-inclusive package ‘Blacknose Sheep’ the ‘Tradition Julen’ Hotel offers an exclusive opportunity to enjoy two overnight stays, culinary specialities, relaxation in the wellness area combined with a visit to the sheep. Get the woolly hotel package now!

You can also spend a night in the Riffalhaus 1853. Enjoy the fine breakfast, half-board dinner in combination with the famous Meet the Sheep experience.

Sheep barn visits

From the beginning of December 2022, you have the opportunity to accompany the Julens on a Wednesday to the sheep barn on the outskirts of Zermatt. You can find more information here.

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