Black-nosed sheep on the Gornergrat in summer

Meet the Sheep

from summer 2022

Who hasn’t seen them before, the famous, black-nosed sheep from Zermatt? Their spiralled horns, black faces and ears and white woolly coat - which is special in itself.

Between 1. July and mid-September around 150 of these unique sheep will be grazing on the Gornergrat.

Find the black-nose sheep with a GPS signal

So that you can have the chance to see these sheep when you are on the Gornergrat this summer we have made it really easy for you. They wear collars that can be tracked with GPS and every visitor will be able to locate them. As soon as you find the signal that finds them you only have to follow the map to meet them close up.

The sheep are accompanied by shepherdess Deborah, who will be happy to answer your questions about the sheep and their summer on the alps, from Tuesdays to Sundays between 1.30 pm and 3.00 pm.

The railway ticket to visit the blacknosesheep:

Meet the Sheep - the map

Find and meet the blacknose sheep on the Gornergrat
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Alpine meadows, snowy summits and a flock of sheep amid sweet-smelling herbs, that is my true home. Regulated by the daily rhythms of the animals and the wildness of the environment I live every day in the here and now. Protecting the flock, leading them, accompanying them, that is my shepherdess’s passion. I can hardly wait until the grazing season begins.
Shepherdess on the Gornergrat

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