Igludorf Blick nach draussen

Igloo Village Zermatt – An insider tip for your bucket list

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An experience from another world 

Soft skins to sit on. Flickering light from candles illuminating the snow sculptures on the walls. Round arches that lead from room to room. Warm sleeping bags to feel safe. It’s like being on another planet. 

On a planet at 2,727 m.a.s.l. surrounded by snow and ice and with views of Switzerland’s most famous mountain.  

Protects even against snow groomers 

Visiting the igloo village in Zermatt should definitely be on the list of things you should have done once in your life alongside bungee jumping, a safari or a ride in a hot-air balloon.  

The special construction of the igloo village makes it extremely stable and therefore safe. The snow solidifies so much in winter that even a snow groomer can ride over it without the structure giving way.  

The employees rebuild the igloo village year after year and require an incredible 3,000 working hours to do so. At the heart of the structure is a corridor system with main corridors more than two metres high. This allows guests to get from igloo to igloo without having to go outside in the cold air.  

Visitors can be accommodated in Zermatt’s igloo village every year from mid-December to mid-April. They can also visit the igloo village virtually from home – without gloves. 

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