Where does fondue come from?

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Where does fondue come from? 

There are still plenty of rumours about the origin of fondue. Regardless of whether the Alpine dairymen or the monks are ultimately right, fondue is served on a grand scale in the Zermatt igloo village. 

Who invented it? 

Who actually invented fondue is a hotly contested question in Valais. The Alpine dairymen claim to have invented the Swiss cheese speciality. 

The monks, on the other hand, say that they satisfied their hunger during Lent by melting cheese without breaking the fasting rule. Other stories say that the origin of fondue lies in Kappel milk soup, which was eaten during the First Kappel War. 

It is not surprising that many people claim to be the originator of fondue. After all, there is hardly a better winter dish than fondue.  

A shared pleasure 

Dishes based on melted cheese have a firm place in the heart of the people of Valais. Raclette and fondue are an integral part of our canton.  

But it’s not just about the excellent cheese, it’s also about the cosy get-together. What could be better than sitting with friends and family, talking and, above all, eating together? 

The igloo village of Zermatt is the ideal place for this. Here, 70 fondue pans are waiting to be filled with the best Swiss fondue. Seventy opportunities to enjoy the view in the best company. 


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