Kulmhotel Gornergrat im Winter

The seclusion of the Gornergrat as a cinematic counterpoint

Story 11

The Gornergrat was the main backdrop for the BBC series “The Night Manager”. It was chosen because it sets a cinematic counterpoint with its tranquillity and seclusion.  

Jonathan Pine has one goal: he’s trying to track down Richard Roper’s illegal arms dealings. When he arrives in Zermatt, however, he has no idea that he will become involved in a spy drama. As a night manager at a luxury hotel, he meets Richard for the first time. But this is only the beginning of an adventure that takes Jonathan to the Gornergrat. 

A special supporting actor 

Jonathan and Richard are part of the BBC series “The Night Manager”. It’s a story full of action, exclusivity and, above all, a special supporting actor, the Gornergrat.  

Some scenes of the spy drama take place here: together with intelligence officer Angela Burr, Jonathan takes a trip on the picturesque Gornergrat Railway and explores the old valley station of the Hohtälli Railway. Today, our multimedia world of experience "ZOOOM the Matterhorn" is located in this building.

The outdoor area of the Riffelalp Resorts 2222m, which can be reached via the Gornergrat Bahn (Discover the Gornergrat | Gornergrat Railway), also serves as a filming location. It’s no coincidence that Jonathan works right here as a night manager on the programme. Supervising Location Manager Tom Howard Zermatt says: “Susanne wanted it to look cool, dramatic and exclusive right from the start. Zermatt was the most beautiful ski resort we were able to reach."

We wanted locations that were different. You go from the unrest in Cairo to the tranquillity and seclusion of the Swiss mountains.
Director Susanne Bier
in an interview with Radio Times

Eleven awards 

The spy drama was so popular that “The Night Manager” won 11 awards, including two Emmys and three Golden Globes. So it’s not only worth watching the programme, but also exploring the filming location on the Gornergrat. 


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