Minions am Gornergrat

Hollywood stars on the Gornergrat

Story 105

The Minions are the stars and namesake of an animated film that attracted millions of viewers around the world. Three of them went travelling in 2018 and raved about their trip on the Gornergrat Railway in their blog. 

The US 3D animated film “The Minions” was released in early 2015. The yellow creatures, which are 105 centimetres tall, have fascinated many people around the world. Some of them were so fascinated that they decided to travel as “Minions” and share their experiences in a blog.  

Let’s go to the Gornergrat 

Their journeys also took them to Zermatt and the Gornergrat. “Good morning, Zermatt! And the Matterhorn!”, Banana, Upple and PapaMinion started the day with enthusiasm. They made their way to the Gornergrat railway station, scanned their tickets at the turnstile and boarded the train. Large groups from Japan and China wanted to join them on their journey up the mountain, all connected by radio to the respective tour guide.  

“Once we reached the top, at 3,089 metres above sea level, we ran straight off. And we had some fans, they wanted to take pictures of us too. Of course, we’re happy to be part of it,” continues their travel blog.  

The Minions took countless pictures of the view, of themselves and of the world’s largest Matterhorn chocolate. On the way back, they were even allowed to ride in the Gornergrat locomotive. 

The fun travel blog of the Minions offers a different view of a trip to the Gornergrat and describes in detail what to expect.  

If you meet a Minion 

In addition to travel entries, the three travellers list in their blog what people need to be aware of when dealing with Minions in order not to cause chaos. For example, the following are mentioned: 

  • All Minions love bananas! They do everything they can to get them. If you don’t have enough bananas, you’ll have to expect a lot of wrestling. So it’s best either not to show you have bananas or take enough with you to go round. 

  • Minions like to work in a team, but due to their extremely competitive mindset, praise and criticism should only be conveyed to each Minion in a one-on-one conversation. 

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