Hikes on Gornergrat

Explore the natural mountain Gornergrat with the hiking ticket.

The Gornergrat is the perfect hiking mountain for your day trip or holiday-stay in Zermatt.  The Gornergrat Railway trains take you up to the top but you can also be flexible and leave or board a train at any of the four in-between stops along the way. 

Hiking from 1,600 m to 3,100 meters above sea level

The Gornergrat itself stands at 3,100 m above sea level.  The hiking area lies between the summit station and the valley station in Zermatt at 1,600 m.  As you walk you cover distinct vegetational zones: you can choose between the rocky landscape at the top, alpine meadows, mountain lakes and the gnarled Arven pines in the forest of the same name.  

Hikes on Gornergrat

You will find every kind of hike - from a short stroll to the most beautiful viewing points or longer and more strenuous hikes.

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