Second-generation railcars

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Between 1947 and 2006, the Gornergrat Railway operated the second-generation light metal railcars. Although these were eventually replaced by low-floor twin railcars, there are still three models of this light metal series on the rails today. 

The second generation 

For the first 30 years, the Gornergrat Railway only operated in summer. With the commencement of winter operations, the demands made of the vehicles also changed in line with the needs of the guests. This is why, between 1947 and 1965, the Gornergrat Railway procured a total of twelve light metal railcars, which also functioned smoothly in winter.

At the beginning, the light metal railcars still bore the numbers 101 to 112, later they were given numbers from 3000. In 2006, they were finally replaced by low-floor twin railcars. This was when, 109 years after commencing operations, the Gornergrat Railway introduced the third generation of railcars. 

Three light metal railcars still in use 

Gornergrat Railway employees stripped the old second-generation light metal railcars after they were decommissioned. The coach bodies were then transported by train to the depots of the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn in Glis. Here, specialists dismantled and disposed of the bogie and drive parts.  

Despite the new acquisition, three vehicles from the second generation are still in use today for a variety of purposes.


Use as a luggage car 

The demands placed on freight transport for the hotels and restaurants on the Gornergrat have increased significantly in recent years. Accordingly, railcar 3015 was converted into a freight railcar in the company’s own workshops in 2004. The vehicle now has three closed compartments. Each compartment has its own electrically operated metal door that works according to the roller shutter concept. The conversion increased the transport capacity from 5.6 to 9 tonnes. 

Company railcar for troubleshooting 

By contrast, railcar 3017 was converted into a company railcar for repairing overhead lines and vehicle faults. The vehicle also has a device for spraying the overhead contact line, which prevents ice from forming on the contact wire. 

Conversion for NostalChic Class 

Railcar 3021 was converted in spring and summer 2023 and will be in use as a nostalgic coach for the new premium product “NostalChic Class” from autumn 2023. The train ride up the Gornergrat has never been so luxurious.

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