New railway station in Zermatt

Story 60

With increasing tourism in Zermatt, Gornergrat Railway had to expand its infrastructure. Between 1960 and 1963, a new station was built according to plans by the architect Dr Herrmann Fietz, offering travellers more comfort.

Early interest in architecture

Even as a young boy in Zollikon, Herrmann Fietz discovered his interest in architecture. His father, who worked in this field himself, inspired him to be passionate about buildings. After studying at ETH Zurich, Fietz founded his own architectural office and specialised in the construction of hospitals and schools. He was all the more surprised when he was commissioned to design the station building for Gornergrat Railway.

Waiting outdoors

In the 1950s, Zermatt station was the starting point for Gornergrat Railway. However, due to the steady growth in traffic, the station reached its limits. The coordination of trains arriving and departing was difficult and passengers often had to wait outdoors for hours.

Modernisation with several tasks

The management therefore planned a comprehensive modernisation, which was carried out between 1960 and 1963. Several new buildings were intended to improve the situation: these included the extension of the existing depot building, the creation of a new track system and the construction of a new reception building.

Together with the company Steiger and Hauri, Fietz developed an overall concept that offered travellers more comfort.

Steel instead of wood

The old wooden station had to make way for the new one as part of the modernisation. Fietz opted for a modern steel structure for the new Gornergrat Railway station building instead.

The result was impressive at the time: an approximately 80-metre-long waiting room now offered protected and heated compartments for 550 passengers waiting for the trains to leave. The platforms were raised to make it easier for passengers to board and disembark.

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