Steinbock am Gornergrat

We have the most beautiful ibexes here

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The Gornergrat is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers to observe ibexes in their natural habitat. At altitudes of 1,600 to 3,000 metres above sea level, the animals feel at home. The area around Zermatt is therefore ideal for these fascinating inhabitants of the Alps.  

They are characterised by their imposing horns: the Alpine ibexes. In the case of the bucks, these can be up to 103 cm long. With the nanny goats up to 30 cm. In the male animals, the horns become more imposing and stronger as they grow older. They are not only impressive to look at, but are also a sign of strength and dominance. Especially when it comes to vying for the attention of the females.  

Home on the Gornergrat 

During the summer months, ibexes roam the Gornergrat ridge’s green meadows, which are dotted with a colourful variety of Alpine plants. Here, the animals find enough food, consisting of grasses, herbs and other plants, to cover their energy requirements. The grounds provide a safe haven for these unique creatures. In the steep rock faces, they find suitable niches and caves to raise their young.  

The best viewing locations 

Despite the places to retreat, hikers have plenty of opportunities to discover the animals: in summer, for example, on the hiking trail from Rotenboden to the Monte Rosa Hut, above the lateral moraine of the Gorner Glacier. Ibexes also like to visit the Riffelhorn or can be found on the hiking trail from the Gornergrat to the Riffelberg. In winter, they can be seen from the restaurant terrace of the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat if they are at the nearby Gleckstein.  

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