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Story 44

The Alpine Association of Zermatt was founded in November 1944. Sixty years later, it received the building permit for the construction of the new Alpine Museum. Today’s president Edy Schmid has been working at the museum for over 15 years and talks about his experiences in an interview.  

How did you become President of the Alpine Museum Association? 

Edy Schmid: “I was a teacher here in Zermatt and always had a feeling for history. When I retired, my predecessor Willy Hofstetter offered me a place on the museum Board. One year later, in 2008, I was elected to the Committee and since then I have been President, Curator and Director of the Museum.” 

You’ve been in the museum for over 15 years. What are your best memories? 

Edy Schmid: “What I like most is being in contact with a wide variety of people from all over the world. From kings to common people, they all visit our museum. The impressive thing is that everyone feels comfortable in our relaxed atmosphere, no matter where they come from. I treat everyone the same and they appreciate it.” 

The museum sheds light on Zermatt and the surrounding mountains. What is your approach to imparting knowledge? 

Edy Schmid: “Today, we have tremendous knowledge of the exhibits in the museum. I think it’s best to be able to tell people stories about the objects directly and face-to-face. The guests are very appreciative when we take time for them, and they then realise that there is someone behind the whole thing who knows exactly what they’re talking about.” 

This year, there will also be an exhibition to mark the 125th anniversary of the Gornergrat Railway. What is shown there? 

Edy Schmid: “The exhibition is a glimpse back into the long history of the Gornergrat Railway. A special highlight is the presentation of the 125 stories that are currently being written about the railway. The exhibition opened on 01 July and will then remain open to visitors for a year."

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