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Europe’s highest railway at the time

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August Haag was 45 years old when he stood on the Gornergrat in front of many excited faces on 20 August 1898. Born in Stuttgart, he was a partner in the construction company Haag & Greulich, which was involved in the two-year construction of the Gornergrat Railway. 

An opening celebration 

At 10 am on this bright blue summer day, the first scheduled train left Zermatt for the Gornergrat.  

“Welcome here to where, not long ago, there was still a lot of snow lying. We have brought you up here on a pleasant trip on Europe’s highest mountain railway. The railway has been created safely. With a clear conscience, we can now hand it over for public transport. So now – enjoy the great spectacle that is on offer here,” said Haag at the opening ceremony.  

Just over two hours later, August Haag was able to enjoy the ride down. He watched many guests admiring the new facility and enjoying the smooth ride on the train.  

A day of praise 

After the banquet, which took place in the evening at the Hotel Mont Cervin in Zermatt, several speakers paid tribute to the work and achievements of the various participants. Workers and contributors received thanks, and former National Councillor Ernest Francillon hoped that share prices would soon follow the curves of the railway. 

Magnificent lighting with fireworks, bonfires and headlights, all in honour of the Gornergrat Railway, rounded off the opening ceremony. A moment that Haag would never forget until his last day at work. 

Newspaper reports on the opening of the Gornergrat Bahn

The inauguration of the railway from Zermatt to the Gornergrat took place on Saturday in glorious weather and was a complete success. The trains have already carried numerous passengers; all those who have travelled this route are enthusiastic about the new railway, which is certainly destined to be a great success.
Le Confédéré
Wednesday, 24 August 1898
The whole world will soon be talking about the Gornergrat. The electric railway has been running since last Saturday, and it's fun and lively. So on Saturday was the opening. A splendid August day favoured the festivities which, within the bounds of modesty, were quite quiet but satisfying.
Walliser Bote
Saturday, 27 august 1898
Science has won another victory. Since the opening of the Gornergratbahn, one can safely and comfortably safely and comfortably into the middle of the Alpine and glacier world at an altitude of over 3000 metres. This is one of the most important events in the history of Swiss lines.
Gazette du Valais
Wednesday, 24 August 1898

Le Confédéré ¦ Walliser Bote ¦ La Gazette

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