Gornergrat Bahn above Riffelalp in winter, Zermatt, Switzerland

My Matterhorn Movie

What is My Matterhorn Movie? Your personal journey to the Gornergrat as a short film.  The trip up is part of the whole experience and can now be taken home as a souvenir.

How much does the My Matterhorn Movie? Nothing.  Your ticket up to the mountain and back getting the most beautiful view of the Matterhorn is all it takes. It is important to retain your ticket after the trip.

When is my film ready for me? Your film will be ready at the earliest one hour after your return to Zermatt and at the latest 5 hours after. Contact www.gornergrat.ch/mymatterhorn

Which number do I need to enter to download my video? For the Gornergrat ticket you need the lower number after the * : x-xxxx-x-xxxxxx.

I have a different ticket.  Can I still download my personal film? The download is currently only possible with a Ski-Data connection (Gornergrat railway ticket) or the SwissPass.  It is however possible to download the non-personalised fine-weather variation on: www.gornergrat.ch/mymatterhorn

I’m going to break my journey to walk from Riffelberg to Rotenboden to see the famous Matterhorn reflection.  Can I still get my film? Yes, even if you break your journey you can still access your film.

Why don’t all the shots fit together? Your video is made up of pre-recorded archive material and live film. The archived shots are synchronised with the online weather data and this can lead to differences.

Is the film really a video of my own journey? Four trains are equipped with cameras.  Should you not be on one of these trains the most recent video will be selected.  During the ‘between seasons’ there can be delays as some of our trains are being maintained.

I took more than one selfie at the Photopoint. Which one will appear in the video? The last photo you took will be in the video. You won’t be able to make any changes to the photo. Sadly, the weather wasn’t so great and the views were poor. Occasionally the Matterhorn doesn’t show its best side but we can offer you a download of the most recent fine-weather video.

My personalised film is not available. Why? We cannot be held liable for the reliability or unlimited availability of this service. Due to technical reasons a recording can break down. We thank you for your understanding.

Can the fine-weather video be personalised with my own selfie? The personalisation with the selfie is only possible with the real-time video recording.

Who else can see my video with my photo? Because only you have the ticket data and numbers only you can access your recording and photo.

I forgot to access my video within the 30 days. Can I still get it? After 30 days your video and your photo will be permanently deleted. They cannot be reactivated.