What is the Gornergrat?

Gornergrat, a brief overview

The Gornergrat is THE panoramic mountain in Zermatt. It lies at 3,100 metres above sea level, embedded among twenty-nine 4,000-metre peaks. Gornergrat offers the absolutely best view of the Matterhorn.

Nature is a strong force on the Gornergrat mountain. From the valley station in Zermatt at 1,604 metres up to Gornergrat’s 3,089 metres of altitude you cover many different vegetational zones. First, the cogwheel railway wends its way from beneath the tree line through the mysterious Arven forest on Riffelalp. It then crosses alpine meadows at the Riffelberg where the traditional, black-nosed sheep can be found. Further up again, the alpine flowers become rarer and the terrain becomes rockier. At the top, on the Gornergrat, you find yourself in a world of mountain glaciers and peaks, all reaching over 4,000 metres in height.

Where is the Gornergrat?

Zermatt is in the canton of Wallis in southern Switzerland, and it is free of cars. To get to the Matterhorn village you take the train from Visp or go by car to the neighboring village of Täsch.

How do I get up to the Gornergrat?

You can reach the Gornergrat from Zermatt with a 33-minute cogwheel train ride. The valley station is directly opposite Zermatt railway station.

Next stop: nature’s paradise

The great thing about the Gornergrat is the fact that you can organise your day exactly to suit yourself. You can board or leave the train at any of the in-between stations and all the stations are connected by summer hiking trails or in winter by snowshoe trails or winter paths. Whether you are an experienced mountain walker or just a stroller, there is a trail for you; choose from a simple walk to a demanding high-alpine tour. We have a route for every level of expertise.

An ecologically-friendly excursion?

Of course! The Gornergrat railway’s trains gain energy on the way down which can be used for the next uphill trip. Three trips down to Zermatt will regain electricity for two uphill trips.

Interesting facts
for ecologically thinking people
For a return flight from Zurich to Berlin you could take the train from Zurich to Gornergrat and back 120 times!

To give nature the chance to show its unspoiled side everyone takes their litter home. If the people before you have not heard of this code of conduct then you will be helping the natural landscape if you find other people’s litter and take it with you as well.

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