Toblerone photo point with view of Matterhorn at Rotenboden station

Toblerone Photopoint

Tasteful memories

Toblerone photo point

The Gornergrat offers the very best view of the Matterhorn. Switzerland’s most famous mountain has become a status symbol due to its iconic shape. The Matterhorn is so well-known that it was immortalized on the Toblerone chocolate packaging in 1970. Since then, a lot of people relate the Matterhorn with the famous Swiss chocolate brand. At Rotenboden, the perspective pretty much matches the Matterhorn on the Toblerone wrappers. Bring a Toblerone, grab your camera and take your own Toblerone snapshot.

Visit also a little further down the photo point with the Swiss flag above the Riffel Lake

Toblerone packaging photo with the Matterhorn from Rotenboden, Gornergrat, Zermatt, Switzerland

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