Sunrise at Riffelsee lake on Gornergrat above Zermatt in summer

Sunrise trips at Riffelsee and Gornergrat

Sunrise over the mountain panorama in Zermatt must surely be on every visitor’s ‘bucket list’.

That moment when the sun reaches the Matterhorn is beyond compare: from violet to blue and to the golden glow of the first rays of sun – an awesome palette of colours greets you and the new day.

Experience a moment for eternity and watch the sun as it rises over the Riffelsee lake.

Sunrise trip

It will still be dark when you board the Gornergrat train in Zermatt. In the early dawn the cog-wheel train takes you up to Rotenboden station. The lights in the train are purposely switched off to allow you to enjoy the mountain scenery high above Zermatt as the day begins. From Rotenboden station it’s just a 10-minute walk to the Riffelsee lake. This is where the famous photos of the Matterhorn, flawlessly reflected on the lake’s calm surface, are taken. At sunrise you can take the perfect photo for your desktop background, Instagram account or your photo album.

After the detour to Riffelsee, you have the option for breakfast: In July and August on Riffelberg, where you can then continue to Gornergrat feeling refreshed. In September, you can enjoy your breakfast directly on Gornergrat.

Take your time and enjoy watching the breaking day from the viewing platform. Discover the twenty-nine, 4,000-metre high summits and the various glaciers. You can start your return journey any time you like. You could also, for example, leave the train at another station and continue on foot towards Zermatt.

Dates ➜ July - September
Price ➜ from CHF 66.00

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