Snowshoeing on the Gornergrat

Discover pure nature in Zermatt by snowshoe

Why not loosen up and enjoy a high-alpine landscape with all the senses and get exercise at the same time? A snowshoe tour on the Gornergrat is the best way to do all that. Say farewell to the hustle and bustle of Zermatt for a while, strap on your snowshoes and within a very short time you will have a breathing space amid undisturbed nature.

On the Gornergrat you have two routes to choose between. The sportier visitors can even combine both tours. And there are more snowshoe tours in Zermatt. You walk with your snowshoes through deep snow and follow the pink poles that mark the route. It goes without saying that the routes are regularly checked by the slope safety team and are made secure.

The right offer for your snowshoe tour

You can choose between different options for your snowshoe tour. You can buy individual for the parts of the routes you want to do by train. Please note that the ticket from Zermatt to Gornergrat and back can sometimes be cheaper than buying several tickets for parts of the journey. Otherwise, book a Snow-Fun-Pass and get around flexibly all day on the mountain.

If you have no Half Fare Travelcard or GA Travelcard, then the Snow-Fun-Pass is from 12.15 p.m. the less expensive alternative to a two-way ticket for Zermatt-Gornergrat.
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