Evening atmosphere, Kulmhotel, Gornergrat, Matterhorn

Reach for the stars

View into space

The view of the night sky is simply amazing: as many as 4000 stars shine down on us here.

That is because we are in a remote place with clean, dry air. As well as enticing fans of the slopes and summits, the Gornergrat attracts people whose sights are set even higher: astronomers from around the world have come here to do research since the late 1960s.

Today, members of the public, too, can experience the unforgettable magic of the stars, thanks to the Stellarium Gornergrat.

Constellations in the sky - the view from the Stellarium Gornergrat

Constellations help us to navigate the sea of stars that fill the night sky above the Gornergrat. Can you spot Pegasus, Draco and Hercules or the Summer Triangle? To show a constellation, press one of the buttons.

Far mountain ranges

From the Gornergrat, you can even see the Apennines - or rather the Montes Apenninus. Many of the moon’s mountain ranges are named after ones on the Earth. The telescope of the observatory on the Gornergrat makes them clearly visible and allows their height to be estimated.

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