The third largest glacier in the Alps.

The Gorner Glacier

The third longest glacier in Switzerland

With a length of about 12.9 kms, the Gorner glacier is the third longest glacier in the Alps.  It lies to the south-east of Zermatt in the Monte-Rosa massif, at the foot of several well-known 4,000 metre summits such as the Dufourspitze, Nordend, Liskamm, Castor, Pollux and the Zermatt Breithorn.  Standing on the Gornergrat you get an almost perfect view: you can see where the Gorner glacier meets the Grenz glacier and becomes the largest connected glacial surface in the Alps

The Gorner glacier for your excursion destination 

A trip to the Gornergrat is a ‘must’ for visitors to Zermatt.  The ride by train up to the Gornergrat  takes around 35 minutes and when you get to the top you have an amazing, 360° panoramic view in the midst of the Alps: the Matterhorn, Liskamm and the Monte-Rosa group plus a vista of the glaciers.  On the route to the Monte-Rosa hut walkers must cross the Gorner glacier.  It is advised to have a mountain guide when you take this route.  A seldom frequented hiking trail leads from the Hohtälli ridge almost down to the glacier.  From here, the hike continues through some of the most beautiful scenery towards the Riffelsee lake. 

The glacier area on the Gornergrat

In addition to the merging of the Gorner Glacier and the Grenz Glacier, there are numerous other glaciers to be seen from the Gornergrat. Around 7 larger and smaller glaciers are visible from the Gornergrat. Take a few minutes on the Gornergrat to enjoy the view of all the surrounding glaciers.

  1. Gornergletscher

  2. Grenzgletscher

  3. Zwillinggletscher

  4. Schwärzgletscher

  5. Breithorngletscher

  6. Unterer Theodulgletscher

  7. Oberer Theodulgletscher

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