Gletscher Edelraute


Artemisia glacialis L.

Glacier Wormwood is a true work of art within Zermatt’s Alpine flora with its captivating, shiny, silvery leaves and bright golden inflorescences. Its name could not be more apt as it grows close to many glaciers.   Glacier Wormwood often grows in small clusters and to a maximum height of 25 cm. The whole plant is densely covered with silver hairs and the finely indented leaves are best viewed with a magnifying glass to see how delicate the leaf notches are. The golden-yellow flower heads bloom in midsummer and can be seen from afar.    

Facts and Figures

Unlike other wormwoods, the Glacier Wormwood is rarely used. Its leaves are much less aromatic than those of closely related species. This is a good thing because Glacier Wormwood only grows in Switzerland in the Valais region where it is not common. It is precisely because it is so rare that it has been added to the list of protected plants in Switzerland.  


Glacier Wormwood is not very common in the Alps, though outside the Valais region it is still found in the Western Alps. Fortunately, there are large populations on the Gornergrat and it grows completely naturally in the Alpine Garden.   more information

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