Doldentraubiges Rundblättriges Täschelkraut

Thlaspi rotundifolium subsp. corymbosum Gremli

After the snow melts, this rare pennycress forms pretty purple flowers that not only delight passing hikers but also attract various butterflies and other insects. Due to its limited distribution and endangered habitat, this species is considered to be potentially endangered.    

The Round-leaved Pennycress forms a taproot that extends up to 40 cm into scree and develops creeping lateral shoots. These shoots do not grow very long, which results in rather dense growth. As with many other genera from the cruciferous (Brassicaceae) family, the seeds of the pennycress form inside seed pods called silicles.  

Facts and Figures

Chamois enjoy the aromatic and cress-like taste of the plant’s leaves. That’s why the Round-leaved Pennycress is also known as Chamois Cress. 


This species of pennycress grows on nutrient-deficient silicate and scree formed from serpentinite. It only grows in small, isolated populations in the Valais region and Ticino. The largest Swiss populations are likely to be found in the Gornergrat area. more information

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