Animals on Gornergrat



Which bird has a beard? The Bearded Vulture. However, its beard is not one of hair, like human beards, but a tuft of feathers.

‘Kreeek, kreek, kreek’ — what is the Alpine Chough saying? ‘Kreeek’ means ‘Come here!’ in chough-speak. This sociable member of the crow family often calls to other members of its flock. And now you understand it too.

What sheep wears red trousers and walks on its hind legs? The mascot of Zermatt — Wolli! It is a Valais Blacknose sheep and quite at home on the Gornergrat. From June to the end of September, the ‘Meet the Sheep’ programme introduces visitors to real Valais Blacknose sheep. For more information, please ask at the reception desk.

How does the ibex tell you its age when it cannot speak at all? Its horns tell you its age. The annual rings make it possible to estimate the age of an ibex fairly accurately.

Who has been sleeping here for nine months? Shhh! There are marmots sleeping here. In the wintertime, when it’s cold outside, they bed down among soft grass in snug underground dens.

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