3D cinema showing the 4 seasons


Visit the multimedia world of experience "Zooom the Matterhorn" and experience the various scenarios of the four seasons on the Matterhorn up close in the immersive 3D cinema. Thanks to light projections and a detailed replica of the Matterhorn, you will find yourself in an almost real experience in the middle of icy snow landscapes, hurricane-like autumn storms, blossoming spring meadows and balmy summer evenings.

Discover the other rooms in the ‘Zooom the Matterhorn’: sit yourself down in a comfortable armchair and fly on a paraglider to the Matterhorn with your virtual-reality glasses. Zooom in with a periscope, see so close up to the Matterhorn that you can pick out mountaineers climbing up to the Hörnlihütte or the summit itself. In the experience world there are interesting displays and information about how the Gornergrat railway was originally built and the flora and fauna found in the region.