Meet the Sheep


An incomparable picture awaits visitors high above Zermatt: Valais Blacknose sheep grazing in their home near Zermatt with a view of the majestic Matterhorn. In summer 2024, more than a hundred of these charismatic animals will bring the Gornergrat region to life and brighten up the hiking day for locals and tourists alike.

Their unique spiral-shaped horns, black noses and particularly soft coat make the Blacknose sheep a fascinating sight. Accompanied by their shepherdess, the Blacknose sheep wander around the Gornergrat region, always in search of the best grass. No matter where they are on the mountain, you have the unique opportunity to experience the Blacknose sheep in their natural environment. With the help of GPS tracking, you can easily find the woolly inhabitants and enjoy your exclusive summer experience high above Zermatt to the full.

Important information

Please look out for the sheep and behave respectfully towards them.