Gornergrat Bahn im Winter vor Matterhorn und Riffelhorn

How will the weather be at Gornergrat?

Weather conditions in the mountains are challenging to predict and highly variable. Within minutes, the weather can dramatically shift from cloudy skies to clear blue, or from pleasant conditions to fog or even unfavorable circumstances.

Here are the current forecasts for the upcoming week. However, it is advisable to always prepare well for any weather, especially if you are planning hikes or ski tours.


Gornergrat snowfall 70 % Precipitation

-9° -10° / -5°
08:00 Snowfall -9°
14:00 Slightly cloudy -9°
18:00 mostly sunny -10°

Zermatt snowfall 50 % Precipitation

-1° -3° / 1°
08:00 Snowfall -1°
14:00 Slightly cloudy
18:00 Slightly cloudy -3°