Gornergrat view

Enjoy the breathtaking mountain panorama on the Gornergrat

From the Gornergrat, you can enjoy the most magnificent view of the majestic Matterhorn and 28 other four-thousand-metre peaks, including the imposing Dufourspitze and the Dom. The 360-degree panoramic view also extends over the impressive Gorner Glacier and far into the surrounding valleys. It is easy to get there with the cog railway, also suitable for less sporty guests or guests with a fear of heights, and offers an impressive view of the surrounding countryside.

In the interactive exhibition “ZOOOM the Matterhorn – See. Feel. Marvel.” you can experience the Matterhorn and the majestic mountains around the Gornergrat with all your senses whatever the weather. Another exceptional experience is The Golden Spot, where you can take particularly beautiful souvenir pictures in front of the gold-plated locomotive 3003 and the Matterhorn.

Experience the breathtaking 360-degree panorama live from the Gornergrat via our webcam

See for yourself whether a visit is worth your while. The impressive pictures alone will take your breath away, but on site you will breathe in the clear mountain air and feel the sublime power of nature. A personal visit is more than just a glance – it is an unforgettable experience.

Weather on the Gornergrat

Weather conditions in the mountains are difficult to predict and extremely changeable. Within minutes, the weather can change dramatically – from cloudy skies to bright blue, but also from pleasant weather to fog or even unpleasant conditions.

Here you will find the current forecast for the coming week. However, it is advisable to be well prepared for any weather, especially if you are planning hiking or ski tours.


Gornergrat snowfall 80 % Precipitation

-9° -11° / -5°
08:00 Snowfall -9°
14:00 Slightly cloudy -9°
18:00 mostly sunny -10°

Zermatt snowfall 60 % Precipitation

-1° -3° / 1°
08:00 Snowfall -1°
14:00 Slightly cloudy
18:00 Slightly cloudy -3°