The new trains on the Gornergrat Railway

45 million Francs for five motor-coaches – styled by Pininfarina

The Project The size of the order for five, double cogwheel motor-coaches with the name POLARIS will cost almost 45 million francs. The new trains will be very customer friendly and equipped for the disabled. The trains have low floor entrances, a state of the art passenger information system and are faster and smoother. The new double motor-coaches are compatible with the trains currently in general use and can also be deployed in combination with these as multiple units. Furthermore, the on-board multi-purpose areas offer more storage space for winter sports equipment or bicycles. The doors are monitored by cameras for additional safety when boarding or disembarking.

Roll-in POLARIS, 01.09.2022

POLARIS crossing to Zermatt, April 2022

Design The contract for the trains’ interior and exterior designs was given to the Italian design studio Pininfarina. The CEO of the BVZ Group, Fernando Lehner, underlines the importance of the new motor-coaches: “The new and faster vehicles play an important part in the further development strategy of the Gornergrat as a national and international top excursion destination.” They will be an addition to and replacement for the present trains, some of which are 57 years old and have reached the end of their working llives. Christian König, head of sales Switzerland at Stadler said: “We are delighted to be able to deliver the Gornergrat Railway with further cogwheel trains. On the panoramic line up to the Gornergrat future passengers will enjoy the view over Switzerland’s most beautiful mountain, the Matterhorn, in even more comfort. Our success in Zermatt strengthens Stadler’s cogwheel railway business – a niche in which Stadler is the global leader.”

Introduction You can look forward to enjoying a trip up to the Gornergrat facing the Matterhorn in brand new trains in 2023. Right on time before Christmas 2019 the people responsible from Stadler and the BVZ Group, which belongs to the GGB, signed the contract for the manufacture and delivery of five, new double motor-coaches.

Close to the stars – BVZ Group names the trains with words associated with astronomy

By naming its train POLARIS, the BVZ is following the path taken a few years ago of naming its trains after terms from astronomy. POLARIS stands for the short form of ‘POpular LAndscape Railway In Switzerland’. The first time an astronomical designation was used was on the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway regional trains that went into service in 2007. These operate under the name KOMET. The abbreviation stands for ‘KOmfotabler MEterspur Triebzug’ (Comfortable meter-gauge motor-coach). The following trains will receive a similar name – ORION – ‘Optimaler Regionalzug im Oeffentlichen Nahverkehr’ (Optimal regional train in local public transport) and should be in use in 2023.


Technical Specifications
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