Interior of the Gornergrat Bahn

Lost property service

If you lose something on the train or at the station, we may find it – or some honest citizen may hand it in. You can report the loss via the Internet, by telephone or at any ticket office.

Reporting a loss

Our lost property service runs centrally via the SBB, so that a potential finder can conveniently hand in your item at any station in Switzerland.

Submit a new lost property report Reporting a loss via the Internet costs you nothing. Reporting it at a ticket office costs you CHF 15.00. Reporting it to the Rail Service costs the call charge (CHF 1.19/min. from the Swiss fixed-line network).

  • +41 (0) 848 44 66 88.

Return fees

  • With a GA travelcard: CHF 5.- per item

  • With a Half-Fare travelcard: CHF 10.- per item

  • With an annual point-to-point season ticket or regional travel system pass: CHF 10.- per item

  • With none of the above: CHF 20.- per item

  • Send to an address outside Switzerland: CHF 30.- per item plus shipping costs