Travel safely in times of the Corona virus

The protection concepts of public transport apply to the Gornergrat Bahn.

Avoid rush hours 

Despite these measures, it cannot be ruled out that individual trains will be very busy. Therefore, we appeal to personal responsibility and recommend that travelers switch to trains outside the rush hours. This is also because public transport is subject to a transport obligation and passengers must not be deterred from their journey. 

Protection concept - please observe the following rules

Avoid rush hour

If possible, avoid the most frequently used trains and switch to less frequented connections.

Keep your distance

Keep your distance at bus stops, in front of counters and at ticket machines. Leave space for people getting off and form an aisle in busy places. Make sure that the distribution in the vehicles is as good as possible. 

Wear a face mask.

A mask requirement is now in effect on the Gornergrat Bahn. Please wear a hygienic mask in the trains and

Buy tickets online

Prepare for the journey: Consult the timetable. Buy your ticket, if possible online or from a ticket machine, and pay at ticket counters, preferably without contact. Keep the ticket handy for inspections.

Follow hygiene rules

Observe the rules of hygiene and conduct of the Federal Office of Public Health.

We clean regularly

We take care of the regular cleaning of the vehicles, especially of contact surfaces such as handrails, handles and buttons. Please support us by not leaving any waste in the vehicles and by disposing of the waste in the containers on the platforms.

We continue to monitor the development of the situation and are ready to make any alterations that are deemed necessary.  We are also in close contact with the SBB (National Railway) who are the system leaders for all public rail transport.  

In addition, the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health campaign "How we protect ourselves" are crucial for us:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-impregnated hand-rub.¬†

  • Sneeze or cough into a fresh tissue or the crook of your arm. ¬†After use, paper tissues must be disposed of in a closed rubbish container.

  • Should you have a high temperature or a cough you must stay at home. ¬†Only visit a doctor or the emergency department at a hospital after first telephoning them.¬†

  • Avoid shaking hands with other people.¬†

  • Keep your distance from other people.¬†

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