Zwerg Schafgarbe


Achillea nana L.

Unlike the closely related Musk Yarrow, the Dwarf Yarrow is not common in the Alpine Garden. The two species cannot be confused because the Dwarf Yarrow is covered in thick woolly white hairs and the two plants also differ markedly in smell: while the Musk Yarrow has a fine balsamic scent, its woolly sister is also aromatic, but rather musty and unpleasant. The Dwarf Yarrow is a perennial plant that usually grows to only about 10 cm tall and can be easily identified by its feathery, white woolly leaves. Usually 10–20 flower heads sit together on a stem and form a hemispherical inflorescence. As small as it is, it stands out rather conspicuously among the stones.    

Facts and Figures

It is often surprising how little substrate this dwarf plant needs to survive. This yarrow usually grows in scree and likes to grow on low-calcareous ground such as glacial foothills or moraines. Like many other plant species, it has very deep roots and a large part of this plant is not visible to the passing hiker, but is found growing in stony ground.  


The Dwarf Yarrow is widespread in the Valais Alps and grows particularly well in low-calcareous soils. They can be discovered here and there on the Gornergrat, particularly on stony ground, where there is little competition from other plants.   more information

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