Zweizeiliger Goldhafer

Trisetum distichophyllum (Vill.) P. Beauv.

This member of the Poaceae family is mainly found in stony areas where little else grows. Even though its leaves are arranged in a very rigid way, its golden inflorescences make it look very pretty during the flowering season.   The short, rigidly protruding leaves of the Dual-leafed Yellow Oat Grass are arranged in two rows, which explains its name. While this type of arrangement is typical of plants in the Poaceae family, this species is particularly eye-catching. This species of yellow oat grass grows between 10–20 cm tall and it is blue-green in colour. Its inflorescence is multi-branched. 

Facts and Figures

The Poaceae genus is one of the largest in the flowering plant family. The family includes some of the oldest and most important crops for humans, such as wheat, oats, rye, rice and corn. 


The Dual-leafed Yellow Oat Grass is at home in the mountains of Europe. In Switzerland, it can be found in the Alps in calcareous, nutrient-deficient scree. The species is very common on the Gornergrat.   more information

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