Schlitzblättriger Löwenzahn

Taraxacum dissectum (Ledeb.) Ledeb.

Many people think that dandelion species are boring plants that flourish in over-fertilised land in the lowlands. But this is not the case. There is a fascinating variety of dandelion species in the Alps, including some which are very exclusive. The Cut-leaved Dandelion is very rare and endangered. It can be found in Valais between Zermatt and Simplon.  

The Cut-leaved Dandelion grows to between 2 and 10 cm high. It has light green leaves with deep incisions. Its leaf rosettes grow close together and form small clumps. Like all dandelions, the Cut-leaved Dandelion only has ligulate ray florets. What appears to be a yellow head actually comprises very many individual florets.  

Facts and Figures

The Cut-leaved Dandelion is also called the Zermatt Dandelion as it can be found in the area between Zermatt and Simplon. It does not seem to mind being stood on or being interfered with, and is relatively common around ski slopes and ski lifts.  


The Cut-leaved Dandelion can only be found in a few locations in Switzerland and in small and isolated populations. It grows on nutrient-rich, calcareous grassland and scree.  more information

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