Senecio doronicum (L.) L.

Chamois Ragwort belongs to the same plant family as lettuce and sunflowers. Its golden to orange-yellow inflorescences can be admired on scree and stony meadows. 

Chamois Ragwort grows from 20 to 50 cm tall. It is hairy and has leathery, serrated leaves. Its inflorescences comprise up to five flower heads. As is typical of composite flowers (Asteraceae), they contain ligulate ray and disc florets. What looks like a single flower from afar is actually a combination of many flowers.  

Facts and Figures

The name of the species-rich genus Senecio is derived from the Latin word for “old man”. Although Chamois Ragwort is a perennial plant, its name does not come from its particularly long lifespan. It is probably derived from the white hairs on the fruit or the bare receptacles of the plant, which are reminiscent of the heads of old people.  


Chamois Ragwort is native to Southern and Central Europe. In Switzerland, the plant is found in the Alps, mainly on calcareous and nutrient-deficient soil. The species can be seen here and there on the Gornergrat, but it is not very common.   more information

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