Alpen Rispengras

Poa alpina L.

Alpine Meadow-grass is guaranteed to turn heads when it is flowering. What looks like a stubbly green hairstyle is a collection of small plantlets that are preparing to move out of home.  

Alpine Meadow-grass grows to a height of 10–40 cm. Its leaves are green to blue-green and have a lighter leaf edge. The flower heads are richly panicled (containing many branches) and each of the spikelets holds 5–10 florets, which often appear in a violet colour. 

Facts and Figures

Alpine Meadow-grass is often viviparous, which means plantlets form while still attached to the parent plant. Its fruit transforms into plantlets which are part of an asexual reproduction process. They can then fall off the parent plant and take root in the soil. 


In Switzerland, Alpine Meadow-grass can be found in the Alps and near the Alps in regions such the Jura where it grows on nutrient-rich meadows and pastures.   more Information

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