Veronica alpina L.

There are around 30 different veronica species in Switzerland. Alpine Speedwell is a mountain dweller that can be found in small snowy valleys. These locations are covered by snow for long periods and tend to be damp and cold. Only plants that have specifically adapted can survive in these extreme locations where the snow remains for a long time over the summer months.   Alpine Speedwell reaches a height of approx. 15 cm. It is a perennial plant and overwinters under a blanket of snow. It forms an underground network of rhizomes, which is a good survival technique for mountain life.    

Facts and Figures

Alpine Speedwell is a self-pollinating species, which means the flowers usually self-pollinate and only cross-pollinate in exceptional cases. Genetically closely related plants are produced through self-fertilisation. Although they are not clones, the offspring in this case are very similar to the parent plant.


Alpine Speedwell can be found in both the Arctic and the Alps, and it is generally found on acidic and nutrient-deficient soil. It is widespread in the Gornergrat region, particularly in places where the snow lingers for a long time.  more information

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