Alpen-Aster im Alpingarten am Gornergrat


Aster alpinus L.

The Alpine Aster is a very well-known and popular Alpine plant. Its purple ray florets form a beautiful contrast to the yellow tubular florets in the centre of the flower heads. The Alpine Aster often grows in the company of the equally popular edelweiss. 

This aster species grows about 20 cm tall. It is single-stemmed and usually unbranched. The leaves are lanceolate and the flower heads are very reminiscent of garden asters, which are related to this Alpine dweller.  

Facts & Ficures

Butterflies love the Alpine Aster. It is very widely distributed across the northern hemisphere and can be subdivided into several local forms. Many people like to grow this species as a garden plant and it thrives in rock gardens. However, it is at its most beautiful in its natural Alpine habitat.  


In Switzerland, the Alpine Aster can be found across the entire Alpine region and in a few locations in the Jura Mountains. This pretty species is widespread on the Gornergrat ridge and likes to grow on the edge of the Gorner Glacier in the company of edelweiss.   

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