Zooom the Matterhorn

Experience the alpine world in every dimension

A multimedia experience world is being created on the Gornergrat around the Matterhorn and its unique panoramic views of the surrounding 29 four-thousand-metre peaks. As early as summer 2021, the first guests will be able to appreciate the Matterhorn with all their senses and immerse themselves in every dimension of this mountain wonder. The exhibition will be held in the station of the former "Hohtälli" cable car. In the adventure world, visitors get closer to the Matterhorn in three zoom stages.


In the first stage, the view is directed towards the real Matterhorn and the surrounding alpine world in all its dimensions and beauty. Periscopes allow you to get very close to everything. Graphic anchor points in the visitors' field of vision provide additional information on the respective topic.

View of the Matterhorn through the periscope - in the "Zooom the Matterhorn" world of experience on the Gornergrat

Four seasons

The second stage takes visitors on a journey through diverse scenarios in all four seasons on the Matterhorn - from icy winds, snowy landscapes and autumn storms to fresh spring landscapes and balmy summer evenings. Thanks to light projections from three sides and a true-to-detail replica of the Matterhorn, visitors experience the virtual environment as an almost real experience in which they themselves are taking part.

Gornergrat Zoom Four seasons - replica of the Matterhorn

Paragliding flights

Finally, in the third stage you can choose between two virtual paragliding flights: the relaxed, panoramic flight and the eventful, sporty flight. The focus of the virtual sightseeing flight with 3D glasses in floating armchairs is always the Matterhorn and the awesome alpine landscape that surrounds it.

Zooom the Matterhorn - Virtual Reality Paragliding on the Gornergrat

The multimedia presentation is rounded off with significant and tangible information on historically important events, on high alpine nature with its unique flora, fauna and glaciers and on the history of the Gornergrat Bahn. The construction for the adventure world began this summer and will be opened to visitors as early as next year. The exhibition is a fascinating addition to a visit to the Gornergrat and offers completely new perspectives on the impressive mountain world allowing visitors to experience it right up close.

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