Give a Gornergrat voucher as a gift

Be it for Christmas, a birthday or an upcoming anniversary, thanks to the versatile offers on the Gornergrat we have a gift idea for every occasion. Take a look at our offers and get inspired for the next time you need to find something special.

Gift voucher The classic: If you’re not sure which product or offer would most appeal to the person you want to surprise, then with a gift voucher you simply can’t go wrong. You can find a voucher for rail tickets or an exciting combi-offer to exchange on the Gornergrat. Not applicable for souvenirs and hotel bookings.

Gourmet ticket For the gourmets: Have an idyllic outing on our winter walking paths with an added culinary flavour. The Gourmet Ticket is an individually bookable hike with menu highlights as you go. Enjoy a substantial aperitif at the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat, a 3-course gourmet menu at the Riffelhaus on the Riffelberg and then coffee and cake in the Alphitta on the Riffelalp. The Gourmet Ticket is available both summer and winter and the various restaurants can be reached – one after the other - either on foot, with the train or in winter with snowshoes or a sled.

Dining with the stars Unforgettable moments under the world’s most beautiful night sky: Witness the Matterhorn by night surrounded by an amazing star-filled sky plus a generous fondue Chinoise at the 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat. After your meal our local star-guide Peter Salzmann offers a peek into the wonders of the night sky and its constellations with stories from Greek myths and legends of Zeus, Hera and other gods and goddesses. Finally, there is a visit to the observatory with its spectacular view from the cupola of the hotel, accompanied by an astronomer from the Gornergrat Stellarium and the university of either Bern or Geneva.

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