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Station 8 Meet the Sheep Trail

Discover the magical Lake Riffel on the Gornergrat! Take part in the photo competition and win great prizes. Share your souvenir photo using the hashtag #MyGornergratMoment and immerse yourself in the world of reflections.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” This well-known phrase from the fairy tale of Snow White inevitably comes to mind when talking about mirrors. A particularly impressive mirror is located just below Rotenboden station – Lake Riffelsee. It is one of the largest and most beautiful mirrors in the world and is something all visitors to Zermatt want to see. Many breathtaking smartphone wallpapers have already been created here. The most beautiful photos are taken es­pecially at dusk – early in the morning or in the evening, the wind subsides and the reflection becomes clear­er and clearer. Take part in this year’s photo competi­tion and win great prizes! For more information, visit gornergrat.ch/en/stories/mygornergratmoment.

A few quick questions about Lake Riffelsee:

How did Lake Riffelsee come into being?

Lake Riffelsee was formed in particular at the end of the Ice Age – but is still being formed today by the melting of glaciers – like many other lakes in the Alps.

Why does Lake Riffelsee reflect so well?

Lake Riffelsee is a relatively smooth lake. In addition, it has a rather dark background, which results in less light being swallowed up and the Matterhorn and the surrounding area being reflected better.

Where does the water from Lake Riffelsee go?

Lake Riffelsee is a lake without an outlet, which means that the water is dammed until it finally evaporates.

Don’t forget to take your souvenir pho­to of Zermatt here. Share it with the hashtag #MyGornergratMoment to take part in the competition!

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