Gletscher Sheeptrail

Station 7 Meet the Sheep Trail

Experience the fascinating world of glaciers on the Gornergrat. Discover the majestic Gorner Glacier and learn about its changes. Immerse yourself in the world of the adaptable Blacknose sheep and watch them being shorn in a fascinating video.

With its indescribable beauty and unique shape, the Gorner Glacier is an eyecatcher all year round and is one of the largest and most breathtaking glaciers in the Alps! But what exactly is a glacier?

They flow down from the mountains like white tongues. Glaciers consist mainly of ice and can be hundreds of metres thick and several kilometres long. In fact, you will find that most of the fresh water on Earth is frozen in the form of ice! But how do these impressive masses of ice come about?

Glacial ice forms in places where it is very cold all year round, such as in the Alps. Here, the snow does not melt completely, not even in summer, because the temper­atures are too low. The layer of snow becomes thicker and heavier, causing the loose snowflakes to become grainy firn and finally dense ice.

However, there are some challenges here: the Alpine glaciers are also affected by these changes, as the Earth is getting warmer and there is less snowfall in the glacier areas. What will happen if the glaciers are no longer able to grow? This is something that can cur­rently be witnessed on the Gornergrat.

Take a close look at the following: Do you notice any­thing? Can you see the retreat of the glacier?

Too hot for the glacier, too cold for the Blacknose sheep?

How practical that the robust Blacknose sheep are pre­pared for almost any external natural influences! With their thick wool, they can withstand even the coldest temperatures. Their coats even become so thick that they have to be shorn several times a year.

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