Alpine Rose

Station 10 Meet the Sheep Trail

Discover the breathtaking scenery on the sunny Gornergrat ridge. Visit the Alpine Garden and enjoy the enchanting view. Play the weather forecast game with a daisy and find out what the weather will be like tomorrow.

It is just so wonderful here! An endless variety of flowers and herbs, fresh air and enchanting views. If you want to learn more about the different flow­ers and herbs, a visit to the Alpine Garden near Rotenboden will certainly be worth your while. The various plants and flowers are explained in more detail here. Be enchanted by the breathtaking flo­ra!

We hope you enjoyed the wonderful weather on the Gornergrat. Here is a fun weather game for you:

Aim of the game:

The aim of the game is to quickly combine weather phenomena with appropriate associations and thereby test and expand your knowledge about the weather.

Game instructions:

  1. All players sit in a circle or in a row.

  2. The first player says any weather phenomenon, such as “rain”.

  3. The next player now has a few seconds to name an association or a word related to rain. For example, they could say “umbrella”.

  4. The next player then takes that association and names something that is associated with it. For ex­ample, they could say “wet roads”.

  5. The game continues, with each player naming an as­sociation with the previous word.

If a player is unable to name an association within the given time or repeats a term, he or she will be disquali­fied from the game.

The game continues until only one player is left. This player is the winner.

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