Time capsule with wishes from children


As part of the 150 Years First Ascent of the Matterhorn, children expressed their wishes about how the future of Zermatt should look. The wishes were locked into a time capsule and it was lowered into the ground near the Gemeindehaus where it can be seen.

The closing of the jubilee week on 18 July 2015 was under the motto: “The past – the present – the future.” Wishes about the future of Zermatt were gathered from children and written down. Their wishes will be freed from the confines of the time capsule once again in 50 years in 2065. The capsule was created by the Zermatt locksmith, Willy Taugwalder.

The Zermatt children in the third-grade primary school class have expressed the following wishes: they would like a public swimming pool, and they would like that Zermatt remains the same as it is. Also a train to the top of the Matterhorn should exist – and much more. These wishes now rest near the Gemeindehaus under a pane of glass and packed in a box. These wished will be opened in the year 2065 and looked at possibly in the presence of the creative children and compared then with their reality.