Hospice S. Maria


A cordial welcome on the Lukmanierpass, the border between the kantons of Graubünden and Ticino. Our family-friendly restaurant with a beautiful outside terrace, there is plenty for you to enjoy. Overnight accommodation in our simple rooms or group rooms is available and lets you experience the peace and quiet, which you only find in the mountains. Sleeping By day, the exciting atmosphere of an Alpine pass and the deep silence in the evening you can experience only in the mountains. Two and multiple rooms with running water, shared shower. Mattresses with showers and toilets. Well-maintained and varied cuisine. RestaurantSpecialities We will spoil you with our varied menus, carefully prepared warm and cold meals, great ice-creams and dessert specials and a fine glass of wine from our wine cellar. We recommend our own produced lamb, the popular cordon bleus and roasts. Opening time From about 20th May till about 20th October opend.

Opening Hours

www.lukmanierpass.ch Ab ca. Mitte Mai geöffnet