Hamlet of Zum See


In earlier centuries, a mule trail led through the hamlet of Zum See, linking Switzerland and Italy via the Theodul Pass. The closely grouped buildings are authentic and represent hundreds of years of history.

The mule trail between Zermatt and the hamlet of Zum See (located at approx. 1,750 m) is of national importance, according to the national inventory of Swiss historic transport routes. From Zum See, it continues over a bridge to Hermetje (Schwarzsee area) and on to the Theodul Glacier. The hamlet is mentioned in a contract from 1540. Although Zum See means “At the lake”, there was never a lake here. In the local dialect, “zem See” has two different meanings. It can refer to a body of water, but also broadly to a hamlet with shelter for people and animals (see “Reading”).

  • Photo subject: group of houses with white chapel

  • Photo subject: north face of the Matterhorn

  • Wealth of alpine flora

  • Restaurants

Reading “Orts- und Flurnamen der Gemeinde Zermatt”, by Klaus Julen and others. Available from the ZAP bookshop in Zermatt.

“Alp- und Bergbeizli Zermatt” by Gisela Schlotterbeck, published by Weber Verlag, Thun. With portraits of 47 mountain restaurants; in German only. ISBN 978-3-906033-10-5.