Furi mountain station


Furi (1,867 m) promises a whole world of adventures for families. In summer, attractions include the suspension footbridge, glacier garden, barbecue areas and restaurants. In winter, skiers gather here, check out the piste-side restaurants and pick out a favourite where they’d like to finish the day.

Furi was shaped by glaciers that have long retreated. Green pastures, thin forests of larch, rounded hillocks and rock formations: once, this whole area lay under metres of ice. As it retreated, the Gorner Glacier – originally much longer – left behind a landscape of polished rock. The Furi area is also an ideal option on rainy days in summer, when the 90-metre-high suspension footbridge offers a thrilling view into the foaming waters of the yawning Gorner gorge way below.

Dossen glacier garden and children’s playground At the Dossen glacier garden, a network of secure paths shows visitors how the former glacier scoured, polished and gouged holes in the rock. Highlights include deep holes called glacier mills, created thousands of years ago. Who will be the first to spot the cave which once served as a soapstone quarry? Close by is an imaginative children’s playground, complete with climbing rock, swings, hanging xylophone and other attractions. Well-equipped barbecue area.

Gorner gorge This magnificent natural spectacle is situated near the hamlet of Blatten, a little below Furi. The gorge, up to 100 m deep, is the work of the Gornervispe river, which carved this impressive chasm through the rock at the end of the last ice age. Access for tourists was first created in 1886 and 1887. Today, visitors can explore the depths of the gorge: on an adventure trip with a mountain guide, or simply following the romantic wooden walkways along the lower parts of the ravine.

Ancient landscape Anyone walking from Furi towards Riffelberg passes a large meadow on the right with an enormous boulder, split in two. Next to it stands a “Gädi”, a traditional, weather-beaten Valais wooden stable. The romantic scene seems to belong to a distant epoch.


  • Dossen glacier garden

  • Former soapstone quarry

  • Children’s playground with barbecue site

  • “Schweizer Familie” barbecue site

  • Suspension footbridge

  • Various restaurants

  • Hiking trails

  • Gorner gorge

  • Ricola herb garden at Blatten, below Furi


  • Direct access to the pistes

  • Winter hiking trails

  • Night-time tobogganing (bookable offer, every Tuesday and Thursday from December to March)

  • Various restaurants

  • Photo subject: split rock at Schweigmatten